Npower Batch C Stipend - Any Hope of being Paid this October 2021

We are already in the month of october 2021 and alot of questions is already on the lips of beneficiaries. Will they be paid and when will they get there Stipends? I have detailed lots of answers to this questions as you read below.

Npower Batch C Stipend - Any Hope of being Paid this October 2021

The Npower Batch C programme has commence and we can all recall that this project was flagged off by the Honourable Minister, Ms Sadiya Farouq by August 23, 2021. We were all there to witness the launch of this great programme. Let me details the whole story in a piece for you below.

Npower Scheme launch for Batch C 2021

The N-Power volunteer (graduates) are entitled to a monthly stipend of N30,000 for one year. The non-graduate beneficiaries will be entitled to N10,000 monthly stipends for just 9 months. All Beneficiaries will be granted and given a starter pack for their trade to enable them start their businesses in their chosen trade at the end of the programme.

Batch C Stream II Npower beneficiaries 

You will recall that the Npower Batch C will comprises of 1,000,000 beneficiaries to be divided into two streams of 1 and 2. Stream 1 is made up of 510,000 beneficiaries,  while stream 2 will have 490,000 beneficiaries. Under Batch C1, a total of 450,000 have been selected to benefit under the graduate component, while 60,000 will be non-graduate beneficiaries. The Npower Batch c stream two list will be released by the second week of December 2021.

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Npower Batch C Stipends Payment for October 2021

Beneficiaries have been skeptic about this payment and one would ask which month and how much is being expected. We told you this project was flagged of by August 23, 2021 so it is assumed by most beneficiaries that they will be paid September and October stipends. This news have been calculating but let it be known that it is false. You started by October 4, 2021 at your various PAP and would be appropriately paid by end of October 2021 as seen below. 


Npower Batch C Deployment issues

We are aware of the challenges posed on the Nasims portal but we enjoin all to be patient as we are working to restore all. While this is being fix, we ask you continue to visit the portal and check for latest update. 

Redeployment - Those who wish to redeploy are ask to communicate to npower using the support mail. Steps have been outline on ways to go about this.

Download Deployment letter - You are ask to download your deployment letter and take it to your various PPAs to be accepted and signed. This signed document should be uploaded back on the Nasims dashboard on the Npower portal.

Other deployments issues - we are also aware that lots of persons have not been deployed.  We are taking steps to assess this challenges. Please stay tuned.

Launch of the Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme (GEEP) Programme for 2021

That same week of flagging off the Npower programme for Batch C, the Minister launch the Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme (GEEP). The scheme is one of the 4 NSIPs designated to give collateral and interest -free credit to the poor and vulnerable including persons living with disabilities. Beneficiaries are enjoin to key into this project.

The National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP).

Alot of person still think this is a scam, but its not. Far from the truth, the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP) provides 1 free meal to over 9 million pupils in primary schools across the country. Yes you heard me right, 9 million kids are fed in Nigeria's primary schools daily! The programme is one of the key interventions of the Federal Government of Nigeria who implements the programme through the various state's government.

Npower Batch C Physical Verifcation Exercise 

We have concluded the Physical Verifcation and thumbs check. This will enable us Correspond with available data and enhance our payment processing systems. If you still have issues on these, Please send an email to Nower support for quick action. 

NB: If you are not physically verified, you won't be paid.

Beneficiaries -Be at your Place of Duty.

All Batch C Beneficiaries are enjoin to be at there various PPAs at all times. All form of absentism without formal reason or absconded cases will be treated seriously and may attract possible expulsion from the programme! 

NExit loan for Npower Batch A and B Beneficiaries 

Also of news have also been circulated about this programme. The ministry meant well for those exited beneficiaries and we are posed to make them financially and economically viable before the years runs out. So let me detail more here.

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NExit loan application portal - Only 490,000 were able to register and create a profile on the NExit /CBN loan portal when we call for this. We deduced to work with this number and have been collaborating with various stakeholders to effect this dream. 

N Exit to be completed before the year ends

Seeing only 490,000 application,  We ask for business plans and modules to be submitted online. Areas of chooses Buisness where each beneficiaries can function well. We only got 390,000 response to this and we made a declaration.

NExit training to be done in October 

The training is a kind of entrepreneurship type aimed to enhance the beneficiaries on the processes and modules of Buisness ideas and ventures. While we made certain pronouncement on the commencement of the N Exit Training for Batch A and B, it now becoming imperative as due to logistics and technical issues. A statement will be released soon concerning the subject matter. The truth is that all those who register and created profile on the NExit portal will be called up for training and will be given a soft loan.

Hope this information was helpful, Please share to someone else who might need to see and read it.

Thank you 

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