See Reasons Why Commercial Planes Avoid Flying Over The Pacific Ocean

Have you ever wonder why commercial planes don't fly directly over the Pacific ocean? They avid taking such a trip due to the many risks associated with the fight. Even scientists have failed to give undertake this trip and in this article I will share with you the many reasons commercial planes don't fly directly over the Pacific ocean.

 See Reasons Why Commercial Planes Avoid Flying Over The Pacific Ocean

Commercial  planes are planes whose flights tend to convey or carry passengers or goods from one point of destination to the other. They tend to move from city to city or place to place hence the need to be involve in business activities. 

Whereas the Pacific ocean is the largest and say deepest of all the five ocean's in the world. It extends from the Artic ocean's in the North to the southern oceans in the south and bounded by three continents - Asia, Australia and the Americas.  It covers about 46% of earthy water surface and about 32% of its total surface area. At about 63,800,000 square miles, it is the largest division of the world ocean's.

Now let me give you some of the reasons why commercial planes don't fly directly across or over the Pacific ocean.

1. The primary reason is because curved routes are shorter than straight routes. A commercial planes will arrive faster at its destination when it fly from a short routes to the other than flying directly over the ocean to a destination. since the earth is spherical, straight routes don't offer the shortest distance between two locations. So pilots prefer this than flying over the ocean to a location.

2. Fuel conservation. 

Another reason is the high consumption of fuel the flight will cost or take across the ocean directly. Flying over or across the Pacific ocean will make the airplane to consume more fuel due to the long distance it has to travel. Because fuel management is critical in aviation,  it has to apply for shorter distance routes as running out of fuel could spell disaster!

3. Location of airports 

If you take a look on the world map, you will notice that there exist no airport around or in the middle of the Pacific ocean. This would have break down most flights and allow commercial planes to stop and refuel but the case is not. For safety and security reasons, pilot prefer to take a shorter routes where airports are closer incase of an emergency.

I have outline some of the best known reasons here but you can add yours to make the article more interesting.

Thank you.

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