Npower Batch C 1 - How to solve non payment of August 2022 stipends for beneficiaries

We are please to announce the end of the Npower Batch C 1 one year scheme to all beneficiaries concerned. This posts will clarify many details and also help in the ongoing payment of August 2022 beneficiaries stipends. See more below.

Npower Batch  C 1 - How to solve non payment of August 2022 stipends for beneficiaries

While the August stipends is now showing payment processing for all beneficiaries, we want to use this medium to ask those concern to exercise patience as payment will be made. 

This was disclose to our news desk by the honourable minister who had earlier stated that the delays in the payment for August to all beneficiaries was due to a technical hitch in the payment processing platform which has been normalised and payment will begin soonext.

She further charge all to be beneficiaries to check there nasims dashboard always and report any abnormal situations for effective correction. 

The Npower Batch C stream 2 has commence here enrolment with the scheme as effective from October 4, 2022 and he length of the program will last for 12 months. As with there counter parts in Npower Batch C stream 1, there will be no programme extension after the completion of there scheme.

Disappearance of payment schedule

We are aware of disappearance of payment schedule for the month of August 2022 on the nasim dashboard of some batch c stream 1 beneficiaries. There should be no cause for alarm as this will be fixed and payment made to all affected.

Removal of deployment page

We want to reinstate our earlier statement on Npower Batch C stream 1 that there will not be an extension to there 12 months programme which ended in August 2022 hence we have gone further to remove the deployment page on the nasim dashboard as this will create room for Npower Batch C stream 2 to download and upload there deployment letter for enforcement.

You may experience some difficulties in trying to login to the nasim portal, do not be alarmed as this is just a minor technical faulty being fix by our engineers.we advice you give it a break and try logging in after some time.

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