Npower Batch C November 2021 Payment has been initiated, Expect alert from Monday January 24, 2022

This is coming as a surprise to all, as am pleased to inform you that November 2021 Payroll has been processed and added to the nasims dashboard and stipends for all Npower Batch C stream 1 has been initiated, which will be paid soonext. Thus, i can authoritatively inform you that payment will start from monday January 24, 2022. See more details below.

Npower Batch C November 2021 Payment has been initiated, Expect alert from Monday January 24, 2022

Please be inform that payment this time around will be free and without hitches. So if you fail to get an alert from your bank after five (5) working days, simply contact your bank via there email channels and inform them of your inability to be credited. They will definitely respond and you will be credited. Remember the payment pathway will be from Pending - processing- paid.

December 2021 stipends 

We are working on paying the stipends of December 2022 immediately we see that all November 2021 Payments were successful. We will make sure all payments will be made as at when due.

Npower 2022 Recruiment 

Please disregard any social media post calling for a Npower recruitment for 2022. We will only add an additional 500,000 eligible candidates who are qualified to join the Programme.  This step has already been capture in the budget and approved by the president. There will no Npower recruitment in 2022.

Resignation Buttons on the Nasims Portal

The resignation buttons was not install to witch-hunt any beneficiary but to give everyone a sense of belonging and inculcate a level playing field for all. Incase you deem the programme too cumbersome or you may not be able to meet up to the terms of conditions, then the honourable thing is to resign from the scheme and pave way for others willing to come on board. 

Payment proceeding underway

While we strive to make stipends payment a one way thing for all, we have taken steps too to include on the portal dashboard of all beneficiaries the name of banks and account numbers where payment of stipends are being paid into monthly. We will soon add the tab point for reason as seen on the dashboard soon. Check your nasims dashboard and see that November Payroll have been added and initiated.  It will follow the normal sequence from ' PENDING - PROCESSING - PAID. 

Unhold on your payment dashboard 

We still enjoin all Npower beneficiaries to always attend to there various places of primary assignment. The issue of absenteeism and absconding wil not be tolerated  and necessary actions will be taken. If any one is reported by our team of independent monitors, payments will be place on hold and after further investigation,  such beneficiaries will be dismissed from the scheme. So be warned!

Please always share this post to reach those concerned.

Thank you

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