How to Install NASIMS N-Power Biometric Fingerprint Software for Verification and Enrollment

All Batch C N-Power Applicants are Expected to Install the NASIMS Biometric Fingerprint data capture Software on there operating Device to enable them complete there Verifcation and Enrollment. This Post will show you several steps to follow so as to Install the application. Read more below.

How to Install NASIMS N-Power Biometric Fingerprint Software for Verification and Enrollment

All N-Power Batch C Applicant who were successful on the screening exercise are required to Undergo a Biometric Fingerprint data capture on there NASIMS dashboard to enable them participate in the final stage of the online application which is the verification and Enrollment stage before being deployed. 

This post will guide you on how to install the Biometric Fingerprint Software on either your desktop computers or laptops. This may also be useful for cybercafe owners who may need to follow the steps to Install the software.

Please note that you cannot use your Mobile phones to do the Biometric Fingerprint data capture, except the N-Power batch C applicant have an advanced highly sophisticated mobile phone connected with the fingerprint scanner like DigitalPersona 4500 Scanner, the type of fingerprint scanner used for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and NYSC registration and enrollment.

The Requirements for the N-Power biometric fingerprint according to N-Power/NASIMS are 32 bit installation or 64 bit installation as biometric fingerprint prerequisite. And also .NET Desktop Runtime. This implies that an N-Power Batch C applicant would definitely need a desktop computer system or a laptop to complete N-Power fingerprint enrollment successfully.

So to Install the Biometric Fingerprint Software for your Verification and Enrollment,  you will need to follow the steps outline below to get it done.

Step 1: Once you have been able to login to your dashboard, you should Click on “Capture Your Fingerprint” near the fingerprint icon as shown on your dashboard screen.

Step 2: This should navigate to the new page “NASIMS (N-POWER) Biometric Client”. The N-Power Batch C applicant is expected to see the information (see attached image) below on the new page (

N.B:  N-Power Batch C applicants are required to install this prerequisite separately before clicking the Install button:

Biometrics Prerequisite for either 32-bit Installation or 64-bit Installation

The following prerequisite is required and will be installed during the installation:

.NET Desktop Runtimes

If these components are already installed, the N-Power Batch C applicant can launch the application now.

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Step 3: The N-Power Batch C applicant should click the install button to install the prerequisites and run the application. It will take you approximately 10 minutes to It it installed.
It is recommended that you carry out this operation using a laptop or a desktop computer system, since the application runs on 34bit/64bit windows operating system. It will not work on your phones or tab.

It is recommend that you downloads the Installer instead of the Binary files. as the Installer would be easy for the N-Power Batch C applicant to install. The links below can be used to download the installer

Then click on the "Install" button that displays after clicking the link below

This should download a setup.exe (executable file). of 8kb size

Step 4: After the installation, the N-Power Batch C applicant should click on “Launch” to run the application/software. Then the N-Power Batch C applicant should follow the onscreen prompts/instructions to capture his or her fingerprint and complete the N-Power Batch C physical verification/enrollment of the biometric data.

After that you should be getting ready for deployment inoder to undertsale the primary assignment that willbe given to you as a volunteer. Please also thata physical verification may be called for inorderto ascertained the authenticity of all documents you earlier submitted during the registration and screening exercise.

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