Npower Batch C October Stipends to be paid this week as Payroll log appears on Nasims Portal Dashboard

We are pleased to inform you that Payment of stipend for Npower Batch C will commence soon, as process that ensures payment of eligible Beneficiaries are almost concluded. Please note that, a payroll tab has been added on the NASIMS self service portal and will be made accessible upon conclusion. See more details below.

Npower Batch C October Stipends to be paid this week as Payroll log appears on Nasims Portal Dashboard

The Npower Batch C payment is being processed. In no distant time, massive payment to over 500,000 beneficiaries would commenced, beneficiaries are to check their status and confirm if the payroll sub menus has appeared in their dashboard portal

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What Npower Payroll Means?

Npower payroll is a Payment list for all eligible Npower beneficiaries and the record of amount of stipends they are to be paid monthly. Its like a statement of account to track and record each month pay out to them.
Previously, for the Npower batch A and B, the inscription used to be enrolled and payment history, but it has now been changed to passed and payroll for batch C. The payroll in your profile shows that the management of Npower are now updating your dashboard for payment as they have earlier mentioned in their latest update regarding payment

As earlier explained in our earlier blog post What Payroll Means In Npower Volunteers Dashboard, we noticed that a lot of the Npower batch C beneficiaries are wondering what the no payment data available showing on the payroll page on Nasims portal dashboard means. So we decided to create this post to clear the air.
once payment commence,the no payment data you are seeing now on your dashboard under the payroll section will change to the list of months, and amounts paid to you in ascending order.

If you have seen the payroll sub menus in your NASIMS dashboard, be rest assured that your payment for the month of October and subsequent months are being processed and you will be paid at all times.

Npower Nasims Payroll Page – What Payment Data Not Available Means

I dont wantnto think now that this tab has not appeared on your portal but if not, be rest assured it will come. Like i said, the no payment data showing when you visit the payroll page simply means that your payment history has not been updated on the payroll page, and you do not need to worry because you have not received any payments to be recorded on the payroll page yet. The payroll page is where all Npower beneficiaries payment transactions history will be recorded. As soon as you receive your first stipends, it will be recorded on that page.

If the payroll sub menus has not appeared in your NASIMS dashboard, you are yet to complete your physical verification and Uploading of documents in the Nasims portal

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