Npower Batch C Payment Pending issues has been Resolved- see details here

Npower batch C August stipend that has been put on hold since a week ago has been resolved and payment has been updated tp processing to enable funds transfers to various beneficiaries accounts. See more details here and other important issues.

Npower Batch C Payment Pending issues has been Resolved- see details here

We are please to inform all Npower Batch C beneficiaries that pending payment for the August 2022 stipends has been resolved and all payment dashboards are now showing processing.

This now mean that stipends are now being transferred to beneficiaries account and all will be paid before next week Thursday depending the availability of your bank.

Pending payments: The delay in the payment of August 2022 stipends was caused by numerous factors but most importantly was caused by technical hitches which has been resolved. Status of payment has changed to processing and alerts will be transfer to bank accounts of beneficiaries soonext.

Npower Batch C stream 2:  we have welcome on board over new 500, 000 beneficiaries to the Npower program by June 2022 and his set has been onboarded and posted to various places of primary assisgment. They were adviced to download there acceptance letters, get them signed and stamped by the heads of there institutions posted to and re-uploaded again on there nasims dashboard.

They should note that they were to resume by October 4, 2022 and independent monitors have been sent across the country to monitor the program as well as there activities at there various PPAs.

Payments of Npower Beneficiaries:  This section should be taken note by all. Npower Batch C will be paid there August 2022 stipends, while Npower Batch C stream 2 will be paid from September 2022. 

Payment for Npower Beneficiaries of batch c stream will continue if we receive confirmed approval for there stay on the programme.

Extension for Npower Beneficiaries Batch C stream 1: This has continue to roll over the social media but while we wait for official response from our superiors and offcourse the honorable minister, those concern should download there new PPA acceptance letter, do the needful and re-upload for confirmation. While those yet to see a new PAP should continue at the old place they were and wait for further directives. 

Npower recruitment: The General public should disregard the news of Npower recruitment on the social media as such does not exist. The ministry is planning to recruit new set of beneficiaries by June, 2023.

Technical issues still been worked upon as regards to errors noticed on all acceptance letter uploading, downloading, new place of posting, etc. We are working round the clock to get thing working right again.

Batch C stream 1 should note that program extension is being considered and we awaits official confirmation before it will be announced. While Npower Batch C stream 2 beneficiaries will start receiving there stipends from September 2022.

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