How to Solve your Body itching after Bath known as Pruritus

Itching can have causes that aren't due to any underlying diseases. Examples includes hair regrowth, sunburns, insect bites, dry skin or healing wounds. All this can cause body itching after Bath also known as Pruritus and I have outline simple self medication cure for you here.

How to Solve your Body itching after Bath known as Pruritus

Let me start by telling you that this subject matter have continue to affect most people especially students on campus and I was a victim for over 10years before I finally rib myself of the problem.You don't feel any pain or itching, but immediately you take your bath, you experience severe itching lasting between 20- 30 minutes.

I have written extensively on it and it won me many awards and accolades on sevearl forum sites here in Nigeria so Lets discuss the issue here again.

Body itching also known as Pruritus is better define as an unpleasant sensation that provokes the desire to scratch. We also have one they call Aquagenic Pruritus, which is a skin disease characterized  by the development of severe itching on contact with water without any observable skin lesions. The symptoms may be felt immediately after contact with water and can persist for an hour or longer.

Nevertheless I would want to add that Pruritus or itch is most commonly associated with a primary skin disorder such as xerosis, atopic dermatitis,  drug eruption, mastocytosis, or pemphigoid. However, when a primary skin condition cannot be identified as the cause of Pruripus, then a systemic or neuropathic cause must be sought. Patients without signs of a primary skin condition should undergo a through evaluation of potential systemic causes of itching if self medication doesn't work.

I usually feel embarrassed and pained whenever I take my bath and immediately, the itching starts. At first I thought I was being bewitched. You know our African setting here and the all that stuff about spiritual influences but with time I search on Google and other sites to seek possible cause and cure. I tired some but after some few days, the itching starts again when I take my bath. Infact the itching was killing me slowly.

I had to ask myself certain questions and looked deep. Here I went for several medical test and all came out positive.So what could be the root cause of my body itching? I came to discovered it was tiny dusting substances on my hair! You may call it dandruff but they aren't such, i may likened them to be little scabies on my hair which have been multiplying using the style of dandruff to eat deep within. I had to do a personal experiment myself when I discover they are on my hair. Each time I take my bath and don't wash or touch my head or hair by not scrubing, rubbing or allowing water to come near it, i don't notice the itching. You must have notice this too. Try it and see for yourself too.

Try it now.take your bath, be it cold or warm shower but don't allow water touch your hair or head and dont scrub or scratch it either. Also dont allow the water which may have touch your hair get to your body or any part. You will notice you will not feel itchy. Am I right?

Now this is what i did. I went out to get scabies cream, a hair gel and a brush. Before I continue let me tell you other self-treatment you can apply. 


If possible, avoid scratching,  keep the skin clean and use a simple moisturizer cream a after Bath. Other antihistamine or corticosteroid cream Kay ease itching as well.

Seeking medical care

See a doctor immediately when you notice you

Have trouble breathing or swallowing 

Feel itchy all over 

Swell a lot and feel discomfort

Also make an appointment to see a doctor if you 
Don't know why you are itching
try self-treatment but it doesnt help
Have persistent itching 
can't sleep or do daily activities. 
As for my self medication therapy,  this is what i did and mine stopped completely. I first barb my hair so low and shinning.  I started applying scabies cream on it morning and nigh andt using the brush to massage it deep on my head. it will be so painful but bear it and wash it off after an hour. Do this for 14 days while applying any corticosteroid cream like skineal when you wash off the scabies cream on your head.
Use a different towel during this period and discard it including the brush after 14days...your hair must have grown back and then you can now leave your normal life for the itching must have stop by now.
Though this is not an expert advice but I also advice you seek medical solution too.
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