See How to Check Npower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisted Names Using *45665# NASIMS USSD Code

Do you know that the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) has released the names of applicants’ shortlisted for the stream 2 of the Npower Batch C programme? All stream 2 applicant can now used the Nasims USSD code to check if they have been selected and you can do this by following the instructions outline here below.

See How to Check Npower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisted Names Using *45665# NASIMS USSD Code

The Npower Programme for the Batch C scheme has been divided into two phases where the first set were streamline into stream 1 and the second set into stream 2. These beneficiaries will be paid the sum of N30, 000 for a period of one year, by which they must have learnt and acquired employable skills to enable them fit into the Nigerian society and employment market.

This is How to check with the Nasims USSD code

This can be done using the registered phone number you used during your online application on the nasims online registration portal. Before dialing the USSD code, Please ensure you have sufficient airtime balance of atleast N100.

Now follow the steps to check if you have been shortlisted by the NSIP for the stream 2 programme:

  1. Dial the USSD code *45665# from any mobile network in Nigeria provided it was the phone line you register with on the nasims portal.
  2. After dialing the USSD code, a welcome message will pop up on your phone screen saying “welcome to NSIP Service” choose programme – ‘Npower’, ‘NEXIT’, ‘CCT’, ‘HGSFP’, ‘S4J’, ‘CANCEL’.
  3. Select ‘Answer’, then Press 1, then Send.
  4. After completing the above task, another message will pop up on your phone screen saying, “Welcome to N-Power Information Service. Please enter your BVN or Registered Mobile Number”.
  5. Press ‘Answer’ then enter your BVN, then press “send’. (Always enter your BVN).
  6. after doing this, a message will appear saying “To complete the request please authorized the charge of N30.00
  7. Press “Answer”
  8. Press 1 to send
  9. A message will pop up saying, “Thank you”.
  10. Wait for some few seconds to receive your text message
  11. Press “show” to open the message, it will display the message below:

                  “CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected for N-Power Batch C, Stream II”.

If you see this message, rush to do your Biometric fingerprint capture on the Nasims portal in case you have not done yours and wait for the final physical verification exercise at the various Local Government Areas across the country.

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  1. If you did not get this message after following the steps describe above, then know that you have not been shortlisted. You will have to wait for the next N-Power application in 2023.

Don’t fall for scammers; there won’t be any 3rd batch or stream 3.

N.B you can also check your names on the Nasims portal by logging into your dashboard and click on the verification tab to see if you have been selected. If yes, you will see a bold message saying you pass the screening stage and have been selected. If you did not see this message after you must have login, then know you have not been selected.

Thank you.

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