Npower Batch C Stipend - See How to Resolve the many lingering Payment issues on your Nasims Dashboard

Npower Batch C Beneficiaries have been worried over their Stipend payment since it has been paid but most beneficiaries are yet to receive payment and this have created concerns. While this may be attributed to delays from the various financial institutions, the excerpts below will assist in resolving most issues and calm frayed nerves. See how you can resolve alot of payment issues as you read below.

Npower Batch C Stipend - See How to Resolve the many lingering Payment issues on your Nasims Dashboard

Payment for Npower Batch C beneficiaries have commenced,while some have receive alot are yet to be credited and these has created fears and concerns among those yet to be credited. Payment that was made since November 8, 2021 is yet to be transfer with cases of 'No payment data' to 'pending' and 'processing' and funny enough no official rsponse to all these. Here I have details some solutions to most lingering issues and hopes this helps out.

Npower Batch C: What Payment ID Pay/08/11/202100000001 Means

Please if you are an Npower Batch C volunteer and on checking your payroll tab you saw the payment ID Pay/08/11/202100000001 it actually means you were paid exactly on the 8th November, 2021, the first part of the ID "pay", means payment had been effected, the "08" actually shows the day of payment, while the "11" shows the month of payment, while the "202100000001" shows the year of payment, while the 1 at the end denotes the batch, in this case Batch C1.

If your payment shows pending you have been paid just exercise patience as the delay is actually from your deposit bank, and might be due to bulk payment glitch from NIBSS Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement Scheme.

Npower Batch C: How To Fix "No Payment Data" Issue On NASIMS Portal

First and foremost if you are an Npower Batch C volunteer and you have completed your Npower Batch C physical verification, despite the "no payment data" displayed on your payroll tab, you will definitely be paid, and your payment data will be uploaded by Npower NASIMS.
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On the contrary if you have not completed your Npower physical verification and your payroll tab displays "no payment data", you will not be paid. You can simply edit your details on the profile section and input your ful names, account details, BEN, etc and click submit. It will take 24hrs for it to reflect on your Dashboard.

Also Note that the "no payment data" simply means that your payment status has a little issue, please if you are faced with this issue simply contact Npower NASIMS at, the "no payment data" depicts that your account information has not been validated.

Npower Batch C: Payment Delay Is From Your Financial Institution

Lots of Npower Batch C Volunteers have been worried about the delay in their payment, infact most Npower beneficiaries lament that their Npower NASIMS payroll page says "processing" for days now and they have not been paid. Please if you have not been paid, the delay is not from your state nor is it from Npower, the delay is from your bank, all payments were made at once on Monday, November 8, 2021.

If all your banking details are correct you will be paid, please endeavor to check your banking details provided to Npower, if everything is correct then expect payment. Payment is slow because of the transfer mode being used by Npower when making payment, mostly NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) takes longer periods than other forms of transfers.

Npower Batch C: If Your BVN Reads "Provided" Then Your Account Is Validated

Most N-Power Batch C Volunteers have been wondering whether their account is validated or not and have been wondering if they will be paid or not. Please if your BVN reads "Provided" on your Npower NASIMS profile it simply means your account is okay, and it has been validated and you will be paid.

On the contrary if you are an N-Power Batch C volunteer and your Npower NASIMS profile reads "not provided" it simply means that you did not provide your BVN when completing your Npower NASIMS account details.

To address this issue simply click on edit, then provide the correct BVN number then log out and login, should you have any difficulty please contact Npower NASIMS on 092203102, 018888148.

Npower Batch C: No Payment If BVN Reads "Invalid" or "No BVN Data"

Note: Check Overview Tab On Npower NASIMS for vital information, if you were not sent the information you are good to go.

Please if your Npower NASIMS profile says "no BVN data" or "invalid BVN" you will not be paid, please this simply means that your BVN has not been validated by NIBSS.

Simply call Npower dedicated phone numbers 092203102, 018888148 or send an email to email heading should be "BVN not validated" then the body of your email should include your Npower ID and all your bank account credentials, please take note, do not send your ATM PIN as this is not required.

Npower Batch C: What To Do If Your Status Shows Paid But No Alert

This is a trending issue as most beneficiaries complain of seeing paid on there Nasims payroll dashboard but are yet to be credited by there various bank. Please, If you are an N-Power Batch C volunteer and on checking your Npower NASIMS payroll tab it shows paid but you are yet to receive credit alert, please simply check your account balance in your banking app.

If after checking your banking app and you did not observe an increase, simply exercise patience and keep checking your SMS and email. Should the situation continues, this calls for great urgency and attention, it simply means either your account number was wrongly inputted or you failed to supply your BVN to Npower.

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Simply contact Npower dedicated care services on or contact directly via phone on 092203102, 018888148 

Npower Batch C: Npower Beneficiaries Will Be Paid October

Most Npower Batch C volunteers are beginning to receive credit alert and majority have started viewing their payroll history via the payroll tab.Please this payment is for September, Npower beneficiaries will be paid for October very soon, therefore all Npower Batch C volunteers are implored to exercise a great deal of patience.

Information online shows that quite a number of Npower Batch C beneficiaries are yet to be paid, please the payment sequence and progress should be monitored by Npower volunteers on the Npower NASIMS portal.

The sequence is as follows below:

1) No Payment Data

2) Pay roll shows "pending"

3) Pay roll shows "processing" at this stage it is certain an Npower Batch C volunteer will definitely be paid

4) Pay roll shows "Confirmed" this displays when payment is made to the Npower Batch C volunteer.

Npower Batch C Payment: How To Fix "Wrong Account Number" Issue On NASIMS

Lots of Npower Batch C Volunteers have been paid but they are yet to receive credit alert on their phone, infact majority of Npower Batch C Volunteers on checking their payroll tab noticed that their payment status have been changed to "paid", yet they have not received alert.

Please apart from payment delay from your bank of which you will soon be paid, there might be an error on your bank account number that you have overlooked, quite a handful of Npower Batch C Volunteers gave their details to cybercafe attendants who erroneously filled in the wrong account number. If your account number is wrong you will not be credited, despite your payroll tab displaying "paid".

Please if after attempting to edit your account number and you are having challenges simply screenshot the issue and send it to or contact Npower NASIMS via the dedicated helpline 092203102, 018888148, do not forget to forward your Npower ID, please go straight to the point when sending your issues and avoid lengthy stories.

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