Space Weather experts warns – Powerful solar flare is heading to the Earth

Do you know Space Weather Experts says an intense solar storm is heading directly towards Earth? Yes a space weather woman on social media, who goes by the name Dr.Tamitha Skov, shared a tweet on her July 16 warning of the solar storm heading to Earth. The storm is expected to hit Earth today being Friday, July 22, 2022 and cause radio blackouts and other problems.

Space Weather experts warns – Powerful solar flare is heading to the Earth

Do you also know that this intense solar storm heading to Earth, could cause a whole lot of other problems like total darkness in some part of the earth? As with any solar eruption, the speed of the particles can vary, thus changing the time it takes to reach our planet.

Currently, there does not appear to be any mention of this particular eruption on NASA’s official channels. However, Dr. Skov has previously worked with NASA, the Weather Channel, PopSci, and several other channels and outlets so one can take his words seriously.

Dr. Skov also noted that because the solar storm heading to Earth is expected to interact directly with the Earth’s magnetic field, amateur radio and GPS users should expect some signal disruptions on earth’s night side.

This Increasing Activity

I will also like to inform you that this is just the latest in a long line of solar eruptions that have rocked the Sun in recent weeks. The Sun, which works off an 11 year cycle, is now reaching the peak of that cycle. As a result, the number of solar eruptions has increased. With that increased comes an even bigger chance of those solar eruptions creating solar storms heading towards earth’s direction.

That’s what will occur with such eruption, as the earth faced that side of the Sun when it will erupt. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell what kind of scale of issues the eruption may cause for now when it hits Earth’s magnetic field. It may cause issues with many satellites currently in orbit.

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There could be new report warning of delayed flight schedules when this occurs so you better watch out for details on the news. The storm may cause some issues with train signals used in many countries worldwide. Also, because the storm is expected to be so powerful, GPS signals may not work throughout most of the day. You may want to look into backup options if you rely on GPS daily.

Lastly, we have seen this happen recently too. Yes, a solar storm that hit Earth earlier this year caused the remnants of a Russian rocket booster to fall out of orbit faster. The booster re-entered the atmosphere, leaving fiery streaks in the sky over the city of Montana in USA. We could see more of this incidents from today and in the coming months.


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