See Viral iPhone app that let you share photos directly to a friend's home screen

Do you know there is a Viral iPhone app that let you share photos directly to a friend’s home screen? Yes, with this app, you can send photos to your friends that will immediately show up on their home screen. They can also respond by tapping on the widget and taking a picture. This picture will then show up on all of their friend's home screen. See more details below.

See Viral iPhone app that let you share photos directly to a friend's home screen

Presently, the most popular free app on Apple's App Store is not a streaming service or a messaging platform. It isn't HBO Mac, TikTok, Facebook, or Gmail. Rather, the top free iPhone app of the week is a widget called Locket.

The Viral app Locket is gradually taking over the App Store

According to TechCrunch, Matt Moss launched the App on New year's Day. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and had won an Apple worldwide Developers Conference student scholarship. Locket was initially a side project. It took him a week or two to build the App.

TechCrunch reports that more than 2 million users had signed up for Locket as of Tuesday morning. Last week, it became the top social networking app on the App Store. A day later, it was the most popular free app on the App Store. Moss claims that going viral on TikTok was key to the app's rapid adoption rate. He created an account for the app, and despite posting only two videos, he's already racked up 750,000 views. Other videos featuring the App have also received even more views.

How to used the Locket app on your iPhone

If you want to give it a try, then the first step is to download the free app from App Store. Once you download it, open up Locket and set up your account by typing in your phone number. You will receive a six digit code to verify your number. Locket will then ask you for your name. Next, you will import contacts.  You can only cick up to five people to add to your list of friends.

When you pick someone from your contacts, the App will automatically draft a text for you to send to ask them to download the App.

It's a simple app, and the only photos you can send are the ones that you take with the App. You can't pick photos from your camera roll or any other app. The only additional feature is the ability to see the history of all the pictures you've sent and received. 

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