See How to Apply for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme 2021-2022 -

Do you wish to apply for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme? its a job collaraboration initiative between the Nigerian Government and UNICEF. It is slated to last for 12 calendar months, so if interested see the application portal link below and apply.

See How to Apply for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme 2021-2022 -

You can now apply for 2021/2022 Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme as a graduate.Am please to inform you about theNigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP), An initiative between the Nigerian Government and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), offering expanded education, training and employment, targeting 20 million Nigerians from ages of 18- 30 years, between now and 2030.

Here you will know the how to apply and register for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme, more about NJFP Federal Government Initiatives and requirements for interested applicants.

About Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) 2021

Empowering Nigerian graduates with opportunities. Applications are opening on 6th September 2021! Launched 31st of August 2021, the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) is a youth empowerment partnership initiative between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Rising unemployment and the COVID-19 pandemic are all impacting the ability of young Nigerians to find work. The programme seeks to connect talented graduates with local job opportunities that apply their expertise, while equipping them with world-class practical knowledge and relevant skills. It does not matter if you have no job experience!

The programme is equipped with a robust financial management system and internal controls to enable financial transfers to be made directly to participating youth. Programme management, procurement and outsourcing are monitored and audited with a unique Monitoring and Evaluation framework to ensure the NJFP stays accountable to its participants, partners and long-term objectives.

The programme will serve all of Nigeria – from North to South and East to West – ensuring that organizations and youth from all corners of the country can participate through merit-based selection.

The NJFP is committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and wants to support sectors and industries that play an important role in building the future of Nigeria. The programme targets a broad range of sectors including the start-up economy, innovation and creative industries, the digital and technology sector, the green economy sector, financial services, key public and international development institutions, research and development, agriculture, real estate, construction, transportation, and health services. In other words, there is a place for every organisation in this programme.

Requirements/Eligibility for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programmer Registration 2021

  1. Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  2. Be a fresh graduate (Bachelor’s Degree) from any discipline and graduated not earlier than 2017.
  3. Be not more than 30 years old.
  4. Not currently engaged in any employment.
  5. Have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) OR have a certificate of exemption from the NYSC.
  6. Demonstrate interest/commitment in chosen career field.
  7. Demonstrate interest/commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.
  8. Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.
  9. Have good verbal and written communication skills.

How to apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Application 2021

Apply via

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