NPower Batch C Nasims Portal - Disregard any No BVN or invalid BAN issues on your Dashboard

Some N-Power Batch C applicants on Login into there N-Power NASIMS portal received the prompt message of "NO BVN Data" or "BVN invalid". Please if you are having this issue, please do not attempt to alter your N-Power NASIMS profile as all your information are intact in the N-Power NASIMS database. See more Updates below

NPower Batch C Nasims Portal - Disregard any No BVN or invalid BAN issues on your Dashboard

I have not posted or given any updates for a while concerning the Npower Batch C on boarding as well as the Nexit package for BeneficAries in Batch A and B. I always want to get first hand news and details from our superiors here before posting on anyblog or site. 

I will be giving latest details about certain issues and hope you all get the point and prepare for what lies ahead. Some of you may ask how true is this source of news and some may feel upset but having being working with Npower since 2016, i always give out detail news and update. So read and comprehend properly.

Npower Nasims Portal. 

The Nasims portal is intact. News of it being hacked is false. However,  Always expect little abnormalities on the NASIMS N-Power portal being updated regularly, as the N-Power Batch C physical verification process is on the verge of commencement.

Npower Batch C stream II

There will definitely be a second batch of candidates to be selected after the approval of additional 500,000 applicants by the Presidency. We have selected the first set of 550,000 which 50,000 will be drop after the biometric fingerprint data capture exercise must have been concluded. Before December 2021, another list of 500,000 candidates for Npower Batch C stream II will be announced and shortlisted.

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Npower Monitoring Units and Independent Monitors

All independent monitors for the programme have been onboarded and distribution of engagement letters and tablets have been given to each one of them across the 36 states of the Federation and the FCT. This is in line with the Minister and Ministry  M&E self - accountability mandate.

They are mandated to monitor all programs under the NSIP in their assigned LGAs.

Npower Batch C Physical Verification 

We are still looking at the possibility of undergoing a physical verification but the covid 19 third wave which struck the nation recently may allow us forgo such step and allow only the biometric fingerprint data capture to held swayed. We enjoin all to always stayed glue on there Nasims portal for more Updates on this subject matter.

Commencement  and take -Off timeline for Npower Batch C beneficiaries 

Commencement of the batch C beneficiaries will start immediately there verification exercise has been concluded. For now, we are still screening there biometric data capture by there various fingerprint. Once this is concluded, deployment will set in. We enjoin all beneficiaries to disregard any manual submission of beneficiaries details as this did not emancipate from us at npower. Directives will be communicated to all states focal persons as regard to this as onboarding commenced. 

Beneficiaries owed backlog

According to our report here and data base, no beneficiary is owed any backlog The Honourableminister have also collaborated this stand with the Accountant General of the federation while making disbursement to the 19,000 beneficiaries owed last payent from March -July, 2020. Anyone still owed payment must have his or her account flagged due to irregularities as such person(s) maybe a worker or staff of other governments or private agencies. 

However such payments cannot be made until the affected beneficiaries show proof on this statements.

Nexit Loan Disbursements for Batch A and B

All arrangements have been concluded for the payment of soft loans to all batch A and B beneficiaries who successfully register and indicated interests for the loans on the CBN/Nexit Portal. Only those who register on the portal and have there details capturen submitted will receive this disbursement.

From our data base on the CBN/Nexit Portal, only 400,000 beneficiaries successfully indicated interest, register and submitted there details and business plans for soft loans disbursement. 

Stay tuned on all nasims and npower social media handles for more updates incase i miss throwing more lights on any topics here.

Thank you

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