Npower Batch C October Payment - Stipends will be Paid when All Payment Issues have been Resolved

While Alot of Npower Batch C Beneficiaries awaits the October stipends Payment, they should also note that Some of there colleague are yet to recieve the September stipends. While the Npower support team are still working on rectifying all issues, I would like to bring to your notice when the Npower October Stipends will be Paid. See details below.

Npower Batch  C October Payment - Stipends will be Paid when All Payment Issues have been Resolved

Those still having issues as regard there September payment can be trace to either technical hitches on the part of the bank, npower nasims suspense account electronic transfer or beneficiaries wrong account details. Either of these can be corrected using the Npower social media handle. Please we advice all to be weary of scammers online. Do not disclose your bank card details to anyone. Npower support staff will never call you and ask for your card number or pin. Please take note of these.

October stipend will be paid to Npower Batch C Volunteers only after issues surrounding September stipend is being rectified.

Npower Batch C N-Creative Camp Training Payment

As we speak a whole lot of Npower Batch C Volunteers are yet to receive September stipend and it would not be fair paying October stipend at the moment.

There are confirmed reports of N-Creative Batch C Volunteers not being paid their allowances at the training camp.

Please if you fall under this category call Npower NASIMS on 092203102, 018888340, please if you call and it is engaged please keep calling alternatively you can send an email to

In addition if you are affected you can meet the camp officers on site and explain to them, all N-Power Batch C non graduate trainees have been advised that their expenses will be fully catered for in camp.

Npower Batch C October 2021 Stipend

October stipend will commence when issues such as "no payment data", "payment failed" and other issues around payment is fully resolved.

All Npower Batch C Volunteers are advised to exercise a great deal of patience while the N-Power NASIMS management resolve their issues, Npower NASIMS is aware of all issues faced by Npower Batch C Volunteers and will treat all issues surrounding payments generally.

Npower volunteers have been advised to maintain frequent communication with NASIMS regarding issues of payment and avoid false informations online.

All Npower Batch C Volunteers will be paid as the N-Power program progresses even if you are not paid now, please keep going to your PPA you will definitely be paid your backlogs provided your account details you supplied initially were correct.

How to Fix Error messages when Updating Your Account Details on the Nasims Portal

If you are an N-Power Batch C Volunteer and you are having an error message highlighted in pink background popping up as you try updating your account details, please this is a network issue.

Try updating at an off peak period say early in the morning, or adjust your browser settings by clearing cache memory.

Please if this situation continues, please call 092203102, 018888340 alternatively you can send an email to when making your complain always attach a screenshot of the exact issue you are facing and avoid lengthy write up.

Hope this was useful, Please share it to someone who might need to see it too.

Thank you.

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