NEXIT TRAINING - See How to resolve the Npower NEXIT Training Confirmation Code Errors

Alot of Npower NEXIT beneficiaries of batches A & B have been complaining about the USSD code as well as there inability to confirm there NEXIT Training status. This has given all concern and I have taken step to write this guide on how you can resolve the Npower TRAINING confirmation code errors. See more details below.

NEXIT TRAINING - See How to resolve the Npower NEXIT Training Confirmation Code Errors

A lot of you for some days now have been having issues with the NEXIT Training comfirmation code *45665#. Most beneficiaries are either seeing or receiving the " SP services time out" or " service loading available shortly" error messages. Please, if you are experiencing this issues at the moment, exercise patience as the NEXIT confirmation code is being worked upon. Even as we write this now, mthe NEXIT option on the code pathway has been removed. It's either you choose from two options now of 1- Npower or 2- GEEP

However, all Npower batches A & B have been asked to keep checking the NEXIT Training confirmation code from time to time but in order to make it easier, the following steps should be tried upon in order to assist you in resolving the Npower NEXIT Training Confirmation Code Errors

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As already stated by the honourable Minister,  Ms Sadiya Umar Farouq, out of the 500,000 exited batch A and B benficiaries, about 390,000 were successfully captured and accommodated into the NEXIT scheme while 190,000 have entered entrepreneurship before the NEXIT scheme was launched. 

So if you did not register on the NEXIT portal, then know that the training status confirmation code will not function on your phone line. The training status will be strictly for those that register and the number rolls down to just 390, 000 beneficiaries that will be divided into batches for the training schedules. 

See How to resolve the Npower NEXIT Training Confirmation Code Errors as shown below; 

- Make sure you are did register for the NEXIT program on the portal jointly partner by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN). If you did not register, then the trainingis not for you.

- If you did register for the NEXIT scheme, did you fill the form and complete all steps contained in the NEXIT form? Did yu state your prefer business plans and options? Did you successfully submitted the form after filling? If you did not do all this, then you are wasting your time as the code will not work on your phone line.

- Make sure the phone line you are using to access the training status confirmation code is the one used by you during NEXIT registration on the portal. 

- Make sure you have airtime on the register phone line for the sum of N30 will be charge for using the service of the code.

- When you get the "SP Service time out" response, it means you are taking too long to compete the checking process or rather the server is taking too long to reply. So cut it off and restart then process again. The process should not exceed one minute of loading time. 

- When you get the "DND list" response,  it means 'do not disturb' signal have been activated by you with your service provider to stop all unwarranted text messages. So try to allow more text messages by dailing 2442 to remove the DND to enable you recieve the NEXIT training status message.

- Due to network congestion,  it's advisable to try accessing the code at hours you feel will be less busy. This will aid your confirmation more easily.

Lastly everything arrangement is still in place and the training of the first batch will go as scheduled. 

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