N-Power commences Payment for Batch C Beneficiaries, See more details here

Am please to inform you that Npower has commenced payment of stipends for the month of October 2021, for all beneficiaries. This news can be seen from evidence of batch C beneficiaries who have received there first stipends. The news of the payment can also be seen on the nasim portal dashboard and other social media handles. Meanwhile you can read other comprehensive details below.

N-Power commences Payment for Batch C Beneficiaries, See more details here

The ongoing payment has shown the resolve of Npower to fulfil its social security and welfare services to the populaces in the country. Please note that stipend payments is from the CBN in conjuction with the office of the accountant general which process all though NIBBS. All Npower beneficiaries should have been concluded 72hrs after payment commenced. So if yu are eligible for payment and yet to receive, consult your bank for more details.

Payment of stipend to bonafide Npower Batch C applicants commenced precisely yesterday, 8th November, 2021 as shown and seen on the payroll status of there Nasims dashboard.  

Most Npower Batch C volunteers have started receiving credit alert on their mobile phones, please if you are an Npower Batch C volunteer and you are yet to receive credit alert, please exercise patience and keep checking your email and SMS.

Alternatively you can check your payment status by visiting the payroll tab on the Npower NASIMS portal, if the payment status says "pending" it simply means that the delay is from your bank, and you will soon be paid, those Npower Batch C volunteers that are yet to see their payment history should exercise patience as the details are still being uploaded on the Npower NASIMS portal.

Npower Nasim Portal

While we make sure certain areas of the programme runs efficiently,  we would like to inform all beneficiaries that the Npower Nasim Portal will be down due to maintenance today, hence you may find it difficulty to access the portal. Be rest assured that normalcy will return once we are done with the regular check up on the site and you can easily login again.

What Payment ID Pay/08/11/202100000001 Means:

Please if you are an Npower Batch C volunteer and on checking your payroll tab you saw the payment ID Pay/08/11/202100000001 it actually means you were paid exactly on the 8th November, 2021, the first part of the ID "pay", means payment had been effected, the "08" actually shows the day of payment, while the "11" shows the month of payment, while the "202100000001" shows the year of payment, while the 1 at the end denotes the batch, in this case Batch C1.
If your payment shows pending you have been paid just exercise patience as the delay is actually from your deposit bank, and might be due to bulk payment glitch from NIBSS Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement Scheme.


All those who seek for one form of inter or intra state deployment should exercise patient as we are still working on this to ensure the rest PPA status for all.

Not yet paid:

For all those who are yet to receive alert, they should not panic as this might be related to some technical hitches. Rest assured that it will be fixed but let's always some of your fears here;

- Invalid Names: if the names on your banking institution and npower names supplied are inconsistent,  then you will not be paid. Fix this issue by making the names matches with your Npower names with your bank.

- Not yet uploaded your Acceptance letter: if you are yet to upload your acceptance letter on yur nasims portal dashboard,  it will simply mean you are yet to report at your PPA. Hence you will not be paid until that letter is deem to have been uploaded.

- Not yet redeployed: you will not be paid if you are yet to be deployed or awaiting redeployment to another area. However, if you have done the physical verifcation, you will be paid...We enjoin you remain patient as we work to fix this.

Independent monitors 

Our Npower independent monitors have commenced monitoring and evaluation. All Npower beneficiaries should endeavour to be at there duty post at all times as if fund to have missed, not yet reported or absconded from the programme or your PPA will result to automatic removal from the Npower programme as a beneficiary! 

Other Npower Beneficiary trainings

We have commence the training of beneficiaries in N-Build, N-Knowledge and N-Tech. This will be made public shortly meanwhile, All those concern will be given a monthly stipend of N10,000 for 6 months.

Npower N-Exit Loan

We are still consulting with our partners especially the Central Bank of Nigeria on the possible way forward. We have already capture the number of exited beneficiaries who indicated interest on the N-exit/CBN portal and soon we will make an announcement.

All Npower batch c applicants are advised to avoid falling for fraudsters especially at this period of desperation and at this crucial period, lots of scammers are looking for gullible Npower applicants to trick.

Should you have any issue or in a state of doubt and need clarification please always endeavour to reach Npower at the dedicated self service email at support.npower@nasims.gov.ng.

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