Lagos State Residents Registration Portal - Register here

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) is to register all residents of Lagos State, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliations or nationalities into a single data base. As long as the individual resides in the State and intends to continue to remain in the State for 3 months or more, they are obligated to register.There are two (2) modes of registration, online and direct registration. See how to register below.

Lagos State Residents Registration Portal - Register here

Here, you as an applicant registers via the internet using our online registration portal. A unique reference number is generated online which the applicant takes to their nearest registration point or office for their bio-metric information to be captured. Save time today, pre-register online.

The need to integrate the residents of Lagos state into e-government initiatives to enable the services provided by government to be fully utilized and also provide an accurate picture for government policy and planning was the brain behind the creation of LASRRA.

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Bill was passed and signed into law on the 27th of June 2011.

Filling out the Online form is the first step in the process of registration. You will still need to complete your registration at an enrolment station where we will capture your biometric information.

Why You Need To Register for the LASRRA card 

The registration will help government to identify so many needs and challenges to correct in the state for the benefits of all lagosians. You need to register due to the following below;

1. Identifies the number and placement of hospitals, schools, libraries and books needed in the State and the number of teachers, doctors and nurses required to meet the needs of the populace.

2. Ensures that the Agricultural Strategies of Lagos State Government meet the needs and demands of the residents of the State.

3. Facilitates better traffic management, when the numbers of potential commuters are known and helps determine the most appropriate transportation system suitable for different parts of the State – such as rail, buses, cars, ferries.
4. Enables the State Government to classify neighborhoods within the State and determine the population thresholds for certain facilities and utilities provided by the State. Also help analyze and identify areas for urban regeneration and actions to be taken.
5. Enables the Ministry of Health to assess the different health needs of different parts of the State.

Documents Required for Registration at the Registration Centre

Note: Both original & photocopy of each document is required.

Adult Registration Document Requirements (Ages 16 years and above):

  • Two proofs of identification are required: Photo identification and residence address verification. All proofs of identification and residency must be valid at the time of registration.

PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION (Any one of the following is acceptable):

  • International Passport
  • Employee ID Card
  • Association ID
  • National ID Card
  • Nigerian National Driver’s License
  • Student ID Card
  • Tax Card or Receipt
  • Letter of identification from parent/CDA/Householder or registered associations or organisation endorsed

PROOF OF RESIDENCE (Any one of the following is acceptable):

  • Rent Receipt/Agreement
  • Utility Bill of current place of residence (Refuse disposal bill, PHCN bill, Water bill, etc)

Child/Children Registration Document Requirements (Ages 0 to 15 years):

  • Birth Certificate (Original & photocopy)
  • Photocopy of registration card of adult registering the child (the adult should have completed registration before a child can be registered)

All documents are to be scanned by registration officers and given back to residents. Please bring originals and clean clear photocopies to the centre.

How to fill the Registration form and Register on the LASRRA portal

  1. Click on the button labelled Start Registration. Please make sure that you have all the information required to fill the form before you start. Also make sure that you will be able to print from the computer once registration is complete.
  2. Fields marked with * are mandatory fields and you must provide an answer or select an option for the the mandatory fields.
  3. If you leave out any mandatory fields you will not be able to go on to the next section and a message will be shown in red at the top of the page highlighting the omitted fields.
  4. You can go back to review previously filled sections by clicking on the back button or by clicking on the section tabs on the left side of the page
  5. If you are not sure of, do not have, or do not know what to fill in any of the fields, you can save what you have done so far, then confirm the required information and return to the website to continue the Online Registration. To save the information you have entered, click on the button labelled Save For Later on the registration form. To continue a saved registration click on the link labelled Retrieve Saved Registration
  6. After filling in the information you will be required to review the information you have entered before submitting
  7. To change information in any of the sections, click on the provided section edit button to go back and enter the correct information
  8. When you have checked all entries and they are correct, you can submit the registration by clicking on the button labelled Submit Registration. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE ANY INFORMATION AFTER SUBMISSION. When you submit the registration you will be shown a confirmation page with your Online Registration Details including your Online Registration Id.
  9. The Online Registration details you will see after registration comprises the following:
    • Online Registration Id
    • Surname
    • First Name
    • Other Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
    • State of Residence
    • LG/LCDA
  1. Print the confirmation page by clicking on the button labeled Print or by using your browser’s print function. You are required to bring the printed confirmation page with you when you go to complete your registration at any of the registration centers nearest to you.
  2. If you experience any difficulty registering online, please visit any of our registration centres at the following locations

Submitting your registration online is the first step of your registration. The next step is to go to the closest registration centre to complete the registration by capturing your picture, fingerprints and signature. You can complete the registration at any registration centre. Click here to find the nearest registration centre to you.


After your registration online, you can click on the validation link HERE to validate your data filled on the portal before going to print out the card.

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