How to Spice up your Instagram feed with Music and Reels

Do you make use of instagram? If yes then know that you can add music and Reels to your instagram feed to make it look amazing. Instagram has so much for its users. You can learn how to spice it up and add more to your instagram feed below.

How to Spice up your Instagram feed with Music and Reels

Instagram is one of the top social media sites and apps available. People make full-time livings on it these days. Throughout the years, the platform has added great features and has also become an e-commerce landscape. It’s even looking to get into NFTs. From launching video chat from the masses to letting people record videos and post them in the form of Reels.

Now this social media platform now allows you to put music in your stories with a few simple taps to add a bit of extra swag and flavor. And off course, these isn’t full songs but a 15-second clips that you use over your photos and videos. How exactly do you do it? This is how it is done.

See how to put your most loved songs

Though adding music could be tough but follow the steps I will read out here. First, tap to add a sticker while viewing a photo or video on your story. This will pull up a page full of stickers that you can slap on to your content.

Next, find the new sticker labeled “Music” in the third row. You will see a long list of popular music, though you can also sort by moods and genres if you are sure which song you want. If you have a song in mind, you can search for it.

Once you have selected a song, you can choose or crop what part of the song you want to play over your story, and then drag it over whatever photo or video you deem fit and good to you.

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Mind you, Clips can be up to 15-seconds,but they can also be short as you desired. Once the music clip has been inserted, the name of the track and artist will appear whenever your friends view the story on your instagram feed. You may also choose to show the clip lyrics in different fonts if you choose to. Finally, there are also options for links to the songs on Spotify or just a photo of the album cover art to go along with the song.

How to create a Reel on your Instagram feed

Now comes the main headline, how to add or create a Reel on the instagram feed. Creating a Reel is similar in creating a video or post content. You just need to swipe over to Reel at the bottom. Once this is done, you can now adjust the time of your video and choose between 15, 30, and 60 seconds. You can as well add music before you start shooting too so that you can perform your video base on the song. This lets you pick how fast you want the video to play, so you can speed it up or slow it down.

Lastly, there are also some effects you add or filters you can turn on. Choosing a specific layout is mapped out and there’s a timer feature that will count down to let you know when it is recording. That helps you get ready for the video.

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