86FB Football Registration: See How to Register on www.86w.com

You must have heard about the current wave in town, www.86w.com. This is an online platform that make you earn 3% of your capital income daily on the site via there dealing with football. This is like a review which I have carried out about the oninelatform and am sharing it here so you see what it entails and how to register and create your own account too. See more details below.

86FB Football Registration: See How to Register on www.86w.com

This review is simply a true test of time on the 86w.com site where you can make daily profit of up to 3% daily from your total income. So let me tell you some main things you need to know before you can proceed to register and create an online account on the site. 

www.86w.com is an online website that deals on soccer or football, where all registered members have the chance to earn money by completing simple task. Earning money from this site is so easy that anyone can sign up and immediately began to earn from the task given and carried out by you.

When you register and sign up, you will be given the option to play up to three games daily.

How does 86w.com works?

You must register and become a member before you can unlock the various potentials and opportunities that then system have to offer you. The amount of money you earn depends on the amount of capital you invested on the day. That is, the greater the amount you recharge on the site, the bigger chance of a huge returns on your investment.

See how to register on the 86w.com site - Registration/ Sign up 

The following steps will guide you on how to join then site and register successfully. 

1. Click this link and sign up for an account

2. Select register from the drop down menu 

3. Fill all necessary deails- username and password 

4. Cross check your details and click register and it will show you successful. 

How to deposit on www.86w.com

Now that you have register, you will need to deposit some fund to begin trading with. Yes, I mean trading for the site is all about trading and making gains. You will need to following all the steps outline on the site for deposits. 

The minimum amount to deposit as first timer is N3500.

How to withdraw your fund from www.86w.com

You can withdraw your earnings as your income starts to grow but rememberthe minimum withdrawal is N3500. Just input all withdrawal details and bank name/account number and writhing 10mins you will receive your alert into the Nigeria bank account details you provided.

Register now via  

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